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December 1, 2015

New Galvin Logo

In 2006 we made a dramatic change to the Galvin Technologies logo by adding the icon of “Stanley”, a.k.a The Galvin Dog. Back then we were growing and our services were expanding and our logo needed to mature from what it was when the company began. In addition, we wanted a logo that would represent who we are as people and service providers and through a series of ideas of our new logo and with Stanley, the Galvin family dog, sitting in our office we came up with the icon of a black labrador dog – Stanley.

Since then our logo has gone through a few versions as either design trends or branding changed. But one thing that stayed consistent was the icon of the black lab – Stanley.

Old Logo New & Current Logo
Galvin - A Web & Software Company Galvin Technologies - Salesforce and pardot Consulting

Galvin – A Cloud Consulting Company

Recently, we made our newest revision of the logo by replacing “A Web & Software Company” with “A Cloud Consulting Company”. We did this because we wanted the messaging to be clear about the types of services we were focused on providing to our clients.

Although we still provide website and software solutions our logo was not reflecting the largest services we provide – Salesforce consulting, Pardot consulting and more cloud based solutions that focus on the overall customer experience our clients provide. Because all of our services are essentially “cloud-based” we determined that it was time to change the tagline of our logo to Galvin – A Cloud Consulting Company. Although the change is relatively minor to our first logo change we are excited to have a brand that better reflects what we do as a company.

Lastly, our designer brought in a few darker shades of blue for a more bolder look.

What do you think?  We would love to hear from you and your impression of our updated logo.

The Galvin Brand

Why is there a dog in the Galvin Logo

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