5 Tools to Find Interesting Content to Read or Share on Social Media

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January 2, 2015

[tweet_quote]Information is very important, regardless of the industry that you work in.[/tweet_quote] Finding quality articles to read regarding the things that are going on in the industry that we are a part of is an excellent way to engage and helps us to build social media relationships with those who are influential in our field. There are a number of tools that are available to help find these articles and below are five websites that will produce relevant and informative content.

1. Buzzsumo.com

If you’re looking for some of the top content by a certain keyword then Buzzsumo provides you a solution to do so. Buzzsumo scours the internet based on a specific keyword and date range and delivers popular content that your audience is reading and sharing. By using this tool, you are able to determine the types of content that your audience is looking for as well as which social media networks that you should focus on sharing it with.

2. Tagboard

With Tagboard you can search on any hashtag and see all the recent and relevant tweets on that topic. This is an easy way to quickly skim the tweets and Google Plus shares on that hashtag. From Tagboard you are also able to share directly to your social media account. This tool comes in handy to see what is relevant, who to engage with and what to read.

3. Swayy

At Swayy, you will be able to find articles, videos and other information that is related to your industry and be able to share them with your social media audience. By adding all the topics you are interested in Swayy will pull in top articles and present them in single view that allows you to share now or schedule a share in the future. There are also analytics available that will help you to gauge the content that is doing the best in engaging members of your audience to the fullest. There are even some guidelines available when it comes to using hashtags and handles so that you will always be relevant when you share the article.

4. TweetBinder.com

TweetBinder is dedicated to offering you reports, stats, and data that can help you know what hashtags are trending the most on Twitter. In addition, search on a relevant topic or hashtag and you will see all the recent tweets. With TweetBinder you will know what content is relevant and what others are saying about your industry as well as what the people who are most influential in your industry are currently sharing with their audiences.

5. Newsle

With this tool, you will never miss anything that is posted about someone you are connected with on social media. This will help you know what news is being posted by your connections and help you to determine the content, products and services that your customers and audience are looking for the most. This is a great too to stay up-to-speed and share news stories of those you know best.


By learning more about what others are saying regarding important topics in our industry, we are able to contribute in our own way and grow in our knowledge of the industry. These tools are fantastic ways to engage with others with our same interests and help us to build a network of social media contacts around the world.

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