11 Online and Free Tools that Will Improve Your Content Marketing

As more and more businesses move the bulk of their marketing efforts to the online space, Google’s ranking factors change to keep pace and deliver the best content to its […]

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February 22, 2015

ONLINE Marketing Tools
As more and more businesses move the bulk of their marketing efforts to the online space, Google’s ranking factors change to keep pace and deliver the best content to its user base. Not surprisingly, then, everything revolves around content – as captured by Google’s famous mantra, “Content is King.” Gone are the gimmicks of old; the only way to consistently drive traffic and gain visibility is through the method of content marketing.

How Does Content Marketing Help Your Website

The way to attract visitors and propel your website up the search engines is through content marketing, which entails – simply – writing content that informs, rather than content that focuses on selling. The metrics show that people respond better when the content meets a need, which rather obvious after the fact, right? The following tools are provided by online experts who’ve learned to leverage the growing need for content, and offer even the beginner everything she needs to get started.

Tools to Online Success

  1. Followerwonk:

    With the ever-rising importance of social networks to your online profile, websites like Followerwonk can be an indispensible part of your marketing plan. If you already employ Twitter, for example, wouldn’t it be great to know how your Twitter followers are finding your content? Followerwonk lets you do this and much more.

  2. Leadpages.net

    Leadpages.net allows you to easily create landing pages for online conversions. If you have a quick campaign you want to get out and don’t want to wait on a team of web designers and developers then LeadPages.net might be a solution. Perhaps the most important tool of all is the Analytics platform, which tells you where your content is strong and where it’s weak. Additionally, it gives you good ideas on how to change these for the better.

  3. Woorank

    Woorank is another online tool geared towards helping you make the most of your content marketing plan. It is specifically-tailored to small businesses, so it’s managed to find a popular niche without spreading itself too thin. In fact, Woorank is the highest-rated such tool, and has cornered the online small business market by leveraging mobile technology and combining it with social signals and general search engine optimization. The offer a drillable dashboard that places the most pertinent website information at your fingertips.

  4. Hashtagify

    Anyone who’s been in the SEO-game for a moderate amount of time knows just how important keywords are. They used to be all-important; today, it’s the manner in which they’re used that matters the most. Hashtagify uses an algorithm that’s based on Twitter hashtags, and helps you find the best ones for your business. It’s based on the combinations that people are already searching for, so it has the potential to give you great reward at relatively little investment.

  5. Fiverr.com

    Fiverr.com helps your site in many ways. It’s essentially a marketplace where you can buy many thousands of services starting at a flat rate of $5 – from having a computer design expert make you a logo, to a writer pen a press release for you there are a number of “low hanging fruit” services that you can have someone do for you.

  6. Content Runner

    Contentrunner is a content-provision platform where you can order articles of your choosing. Whether you are looking for an industry expert, someone to ghost write or an editor then you might want to spend some time on Content Runner. Any piece of content you need is written by a growing stable of experts and returned to you for review a few days later.

  7. Canva

    Canva is an online graphic design program with an incredibly feature-rich list of capabilities that allows anyone with any skillset to create awesome graphics. You can create social media graphics, infographics, cards, posters and so much more.

  8. SEM Rush

    SEM Rush has been around since the early days of the web, right when online promotion just started to get recognition. They provide website audit tools for marketing professionals, and have helped promote really big companies such as Forbes and Wells Fargo.

  9. BeHappy.me

    BeHappy.me is a web site that not only allows you to turn your favorite quote into a graphic but into a series of printable products. If you wish to share your favorite quotes on your social media networks then you can easily do it with BeHappy.me.

  10. Blog title Generator

    The most important thing about content marketing is to make sure people want to read your blog and a powerful blog title makes that possible. Blog title Generator by ImpactBND.com gets you off to a good start if writers block has you frustrated. It gives you keyword ideas and sends you off an idea-generating circus that just might result in some excellent content.

  11. Free Stock Images

    And finally, Hongkiat, a well-known technology and design blog, posted a blog on 20 websites to find free high-quality images – which are indispensible when building a web page. So if you want unique and attractive images to lure in readers or share on social media then you will want to bookmark this webpage for future reference.

This short list of tools is a great start to maximizing the yield of your content marketing plan. The Search landscape depends on it today and for the foreseeable future; the online space already outperforms offline advertising in most industries. Join the club and place the content your audience is already searching for, right under their noses.

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