3 Salesforce1 Apps For the Mobile User

If you're a Salesforce1 user, you'll want to check out these apps on the Salesforce AppExchange: Tact, Box and ScanBizCards help manage your work so you can focus on selling.

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January 6, 2016

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Recently, we wrote about Amazing New Salesforce1 Apps that are free and impactful to your Salesforce1 experience.  Since that blog post the Salesforce1 functionality and AppExchange partners have only gotten better and introduced more apps to the marketplace.  If you’re a user of Salesforce1, you know the value of the Salesforce AppExchange, where you can select from hundreds of mobile-optimized apps. Working in perfect partnership with Salesforce1, these apps help boost your productivity and keep you on top of all your important details on the go. Here are three recently deployed apps to consider adding to your mobile toolbox.

Tact for Salesforce

Tact. When you work in a mobile environment, a dropped cellular connection can be a major inconvenience. With mobile sales productivity suite Tact, you can sync your customer data even when you lose your connection or if you’re on a plane with no Wi-Fi.


Tact connects with the apps on your mobile device — including your camera, phone and GPS — to provide you with deep functionality to keep in touch with your contacts and quickly log your sales activity. You can quickly snap photos of business cards, dial contacts and create a map of your visits to customer sites. Tact also works seamlessly with Gmail, Salesforce and Exchange so you can capture all the data you need for easy activity reporting.  Tact is a paid app with a 30-Day free trial.



Box logo

Box. With the collaborative document-management app Box, Salesforce1 users can securely work together on documents, then preview and share them. Box for Salesforce1 was designed specifically with mobile users in mind so they can access their content from any device and from any location.

Box includes an innovative “content layer” that works smoothly with existing processes in your workflow and in Salesforce. Using new functionality, users can add content from Box in Salesforce Chatter feeds to quickly share with customers, partners and co-workers. The new features also are available in the web version of the software, allowing users to share and collaborate with Box content from any location within Salesforce.  Box for Salesforce is free with a paid business account.


ScanBizCards. For sales professionals, keeping on top of business cards on the go is a must-do activity. With ScanBizCards, you can use your iPhone or Android phone to quickly scan business cards directly into your address book. With just one click, you also can export the information directly into your Salesforce account.


The app includes a variety of premium features, including the ability to access your cards from the web and keep multiple mobile devices in sync. You can also quickly forward contact info and send an invite on LinkedIn without leaving the app. The cover-flow 3D view lets you flip through your cards, and Evernote integration lets you download or upload images of cards to your Evernote account.  ScanBizCards is $10/user/month

If you’re a user of Salesforce1, check out these free apps to make your workday easier and give your productivity a turbocharge. By performing optimally and integrating with Salesforce seamlessly, these apps let you focus on what you do best: connecting with customers.



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