Website Personas

What in the world are Personas?

The term Personas refers to a group of users that have similar characteristics (demographics, behaviors, etc). Each Persona consists of an image, a description, and other attributes. So

[tweet_quote]you create these Personas to classify the different segments of visitors who visit your site.[/tweet_quote] When you bundle all of your predefined criteria together you can create a truly unique and personalized experience for the visitors of your website.

The flexibility of the Personas module is out of this world. You can adjust just about any attribute you can imagine. You can create very dynamic Personas to insure the absolute most targeted content is available to your visitors and build a stronger presence with them. This is some of the most powerful optimization you can add to your website to boost retention and conversions!

How do Personas work?

Each Persona is completely editable from name to description. Once people start visiting your website and browsing, they will earn points toward the persona they are most aligned with. Once they surpass the point threshold for the Persona (which you set), they will be assigned to that Persona.

This all sounds pretty good, but I’m sure you’re wondering how this can be leveraged. The cool thing about Personas is that you can set specific content that is relevant to each Persona. This takes website personalization to a whole new level!

How Kentico Makes Personas Easy

Kentico 8, an enterprise content management system, has a module, Personas, that you can integrate into your website design to create a personalized experience like never before. This powerful tool allows you to segment your visitors into dynamic groups, present them relevant content, and send group specific emails with ease.

The Personas module is built right into the Kentico Online Marketing Solution, and it’s integration is seamless and easy to use. You don’t have to employ an expensive designer well versed in website development to make Personas work for you!

Should you use Personas?

Usually something as amazing as Personas would take some technical wizardry to get set up and running. However, not here! Personas are super simple to set up and manage, so no matter how technically advanced you are you will be able to leverage this amazing tool inside of Kentico CMS.

If you are looking for a way to deliver super targeted content straight to your website visitors, Personas fills that need perfectly! Implementing them is a surefire way to boost your audience retention as well as your conversions.

The one thing that your visitors want when they visit your website is relevant content. If they are viewing a bunch of items that they are not interested in, they are likely to leave as fast as possible. Personas allow you complete control over which set of content is seen by each and every individual visitor. This will keep them browsing, buying, and happy the entire time they are on your little corner of the internet.