Website CMS Features Every Marketer Needs to Know

Content management system (CMS) applications are a powerful tool that allows you as a marketer to manage your website, social media presence, and overall marketing efforts with ease. Powerful, full-featured CMS applications, like Kentico CMS, help to take the guess work and tedium out of marketing by helping to automate and integrate a wide range of features into an easy to use interface. The following examples are but a few of the ways that a powerful CMS can benefit your marketing efforts.

Social Media Integration

[tweet_quote]Few things shape and define the modern web like social media.[/tweet_quote] What began as a simple way to connect with family and friends has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that no marketer can afford to ignore. Used properly, social media can dramatically improve your brand awareness and help you reach a wider base of customers than ever before possible. With the help of a CMS application, you can easily integrate your various social media accounts together with your existing website. Doing so allows you to simultaneously post content across all of your social media profiles, collect useful user information, and drive traffic to your website.

Mobile Support

Mobile website support is an absolute necessity for companies wishing to conduct business online. A few years ago a simple bare bones mobile site may have been sufficient. However, in recent years the way people access the web has changed. The popularity of tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices mean more and more people are accessing the web on the go. With Kentico CMS, you can take advantage of powerful responsive design capabilities to improve the user-experience of your mobile visitors. Responsive design automatically scales and adapts your website to fit the needs and screen size of whatever device is accessing it. Not only does this provide near-universal support for mobile devices, but helps future proof your website for whatever devices are next on the market.

Marketing Automation

Traditional marketing techniques often require a great amount of time and personnel to accurately identify which leads are worth pursing. With marketing automation, your CMS application can streamline this process to help identify which leads are worth pursing, nurturing those leads, conduct personalized email marketing campaigns by using information gathered from social media and website analytics, and even allow you to determine the success of marketing campaigns as they are ongoing.


With Kentico’s E-commerce support, you can significantly increase your sales by providing your customers with a user-friendly online storefront. Doing so allows you to offer your product or services to your customers around the clock from the convenience of their own homes. Ready-to-use templates can get your store up and running in no time, or customized as you see fit, and the same responsive design that makes your website so accessible allows for seamless mobile integration of your online store.

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