Try a Landing Page Instead of a Contact Us Form

Your contact us form won't produce activity if it doesn't have a purpose.

About the Author: Gary Galvin

September 7, 2010

Every website has it – a “Contact Us” page.  But what is it’s purpose?  Is it for applicants to post a resume?  Is it for a prospect to request your service?  Or is it for a vendor to try to sell their services to you?    Maybe it is for all those and much more.  But essentially, a general contact form does not get much attraction because the website user is not enticed to use it.

To get more effectiveness out of a contact form try using a landing page with contact form specifically for that.  For example, on the website where you are listing job openings put a simple form on that page so the applicant can quickly interact with you.  To help promote a specific product of business service build a website with a  whitepaper that can only be downloaded by filling out an online form.

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