Optimizing Website Conversions: Improve Sales, Get Leads, and Signup Users

Let’s face it – Websites need to generate revenue for your company and a website that just sits as an online brochure is not going to do that. A website […]

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November 17, 2014

Let’s face it – Websites need to generate revenue for your company and a website that just sits as an online brochure is not going to do that. A website that generates revenue is one that focuses on driving leads and produces sales.

Recently, Neil Patel published an infographic that creatively outlines what websites need to focus on so that it does generate new sales.. Simply put, conversion rates are about being creative, being simple, and connecting with the user. Neil’s infographic is a good representation of what companies need to be thinking about when it comes to designing and developing a website that converrts. So we used this blog post to break down Neil’s infographic and focus on various important elements of a successful website.

Essentially, through classic methods, like discounts on long-term commitments (which can lead to 121% increases in revenue, 46% increase in average ticket, and 52% increase in overall conversions) and clean UI, but if you really want to have an edge, there are specific things to know about each area.

Ecommerce: Getting the Sale

Upon a first visit to a website, only 3% of customers buy anything and it’s been shown that of the remaining 97%, 71% abandon their carts because they aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. This can easily be remedied by sending reminder emails, which can double as an exclusive offer.

Offering free shipping will drive sales, as it’s been shown to be a major motivator in both overall sales and average tickets, with 93% of users saying that they feel encouraged to spend more when the option is offered.

A checkout page should be simple and concise, with an easy user-interface focused on getting users to the confirmation page. Longer, multipage processes turn users off, as do hidden costs that come up along the way. Disclose all fees and simplify the process as much as possible – think fields rather than pages. Coupon fields can also be cut from the equation. Just by removing coupon fields, you can regain about half of your market, who would have otherwise abandoned the cart to search for the appropriate codes.

Lead Generation: Turning Warm Leads into Hot Leads

When it comes to lead generation the focus is of course on your landing pages. Having more than one, catered to a specific demographic, and each with simple, and easy to use signups, can increase conversion rates by up to 166%. The fewer the steps the better, with 1-step signups being optimal.

A successful landing page is a mobile-friendly landing page, as more and more users surf from their phones. Having easily clickable content, like phone numbers, and a page that conforms easily to a smartphone screen, will lend not only credibility and professional flair to your website, but it will actually help bring in more users who would otherwise abandon your site.

Taking a page from the sales book, adding testimonials will lend credibility and legitimacy to your service or product. Catchy headlines along with legitimate looking stories from authoritative figures will lend credence and give your users confidence in your product.

User Signups: More Users, More Traffic

Finally, as with the previous industries, attracting and obtaining users is about being simple and easy. Add to this an approachable first-person tone for warm but professional copy, and you have a sure fire recipe for a high conversion rate. Videos are an excellent way to get that tone across and your landing page can only benefit from a high-quality video. They’ve been shown to increase sales by up to 144%.

Websites with the best conversion rates take all of these aspects of being a consumer into account and cater their website to their audience, whether or not it’s convenient on the backend. Be creative and be flexible enough to cater to your user base, and you too will reap the benefits of a high conversion rate.

How to Optimize Conversions for the 3 Major Website Types
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