The Benefits of Digital Signatures

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September 24, 2013

[tweet_quote]Business needs to be fast, accurate and most importantly easy.[/tweet_quote]  I don’t use a fax machine and I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t know how to send a fax from our office.  But I don’t need to because if I have a paper document that I need to “fax” then I can scan it with my iPhone or iPad and send it from an email.  This is an example of the technologies we have available at our fingertips which allows us to move fast and get documents to people quickly, securely and legally.

I don’t always have a printer with me and it is more common that I am mobile than I am in the office.  Therefore, if a document such as an NDA, contract or other legal documents, are sent to me I no longer have to wait until I get into the office to print it off, sign and send it back.  By utilizing digital signature solutions I am able to review documents from my iPhone or iPad, sign them with a stylus or my finger and send it back thus finalizing any necessary paperwork.  Here is a simple video by DocuSign, the leading digital signature provider, showing how easy it is to sign and send a legal document

Organizations using digital signature solutions can streamline internal business workflows by sending, signing, and filing out documents quickly and securely online. Digital signature solutions are SaaS based solutions that don’t require you to install any software.  But the biggest benefit of digital signatures is that you can use it on your smartphone as well as your browser.  There is no longer a need to print out paper, sign it with a pen and fax it back.  Digital signatures are  secure and legally enforce any document.  In addition, the documents are stored and can be easily accessed from anywhere.

The other nice benefit of digital signatures is that they can implement with a CRM such as and thus be integrated into accounts, contacts and opportunities as well as integrate nicely into workflows and triggers within

If you have not tried out a digital signature solution we recommend EchoSign or DocuSign.  Both have free license options which makes it a nice place to start.  Give it a try and I will guarantee that you will like the speed and mobility of getting documents signed and processed.

Need assistance with implementing a digital signature solution?  Give us a call or contact us and we will gladly walk you through it.

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