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5 great things that I like about - By Gary Galvin, President of Galvin Technologies

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April 9, 2010

In 2006 Galvin Technologies started implementing into the company.  Since then our company has purchased several licenses spread throughout our employees.  It has become an application that is necessary to the health of the business.  In addition, Galvin Technologies, an Indianapolis Web and Software Development company, does project development work for clients. Over the past four years I personally have become a Salesforce junkie so I wanted to share with you my 5 favorite things with

  1. No Software – runs off this tag line.  Is is a SaaS application and runs in a hosted environment.  We don’t have to install any software or buy any hardware.
  2. Workflows and Business Rules– Using Salesforce you can develop business workflows based on various business rules.  For example, one of our custom workflows allows for easy processing of new work orders.  When an opportunity’s stage is set to “SOW Signed” and Contract Signed = “Yes” then a Sales Order Form is automatically generated populated with fields from Salesforce, attaches a copy of the client work order and contract, converts it to PDF and sends it to Accounting and Production for processing.  What use to take 10-15 minutes for someone to do now takes as much time as it does to click a button.
  3. AppExchange – Hundreds of apps to browse and implement into your Salesforce account.  A few of our favorites are the ExactTarget Application, FormFactory and TimbaSurveys.
  4. Usability – Hands down, has one of the best usability features I have seen.  It is simple and understands how the user navigates throughout the application.
  5. Client Support – would probably consider Galvin one of it’s smallest clients but the personal support is remarkable.  Every time we submit a ticket to it is followed up with an email and a phone call.  When the ticket is closed they follow up again with an email and a phone call confirming I am satisfied.
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