We recently had the privilege of doing a Q & A webinar with funny man Peter Dunn, a.k.a Pete the Planner. Peter has a background in comedy, but also finance. He writes books, blogs, hosts a radio show and is a financial planner for many clients. His blogging and social media efforts have seen tremendous growth and we wanted to get some real-world advice from a guy who has done so well in this marketing arena.

1. How did you get from three to thousands of readers?

Do different things, just because it’s not perfect doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Have faith in your abilities to have thought leadership. Talk about what you know and your professional talents. It’s also good to be conversational. Social media is conversational and can be inspiring when you are writing blogs.

It’s ok to write something small. It could just be a quote that you like and want to offer some thoughts on. Just keep doing it, the more you post the better.

2. How do you draw traffic into your blog?

Social media, RSS feeds in email signatures and email marketing. Don’t be afraid to put your blog posts out there in email form.

3. How do you stand out in social media?

Don’t just tweet the same stuff you can see on the news. Have something new to say.

4. What are your “do’s & don’ts” for people in marketing?


  1. Stay positive, society can feed on negativity.
  2. Map out your path. Content curriculum is very important.
  3. Make things easier on your piers, be a good source for information.
  4. Help people solve problems.


  1. Write negatively. Writing should be positive, not negative.
  2. Don’t throw out traditional media.
  3. Don’t stop writing.

It was a pleasure getting to know more about Mr. Dunn and learning more about how he organizes his marketing efforts. If you missed the webinar you can view it in it’s entirety here.

For more great advice from Peter Dunn you can reach him at:

Website:  http://petetheplanner.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PeteThePlanner

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pete-the-Planner/34521466341

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/petetheplanner

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/petetheplanner