Leadership is an Art

Gary Galvin's favorite excerpts of the first few chapters of Leadership is an Art

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September 28, 2009

A friend of mine mailed me a copy of “Leadership is an Art”, by Max De Pree. It is a short read but very inspirational and informative. I got through the first couple chapters and I feel compelled to list some of the points I find important. This list is only from the first couple chapters. As I read on I will try to share more with you.

  • Leaders owe a clear statement of the values of the organization
  • They need to identify, develop and nurture future leaders
  • Create a leadership environment
  • Leaders are obligated to provide and maintain momentum
  • Momentum comes from a clear vision of what the corporation ought to be, from a well-thought-out strategy to achieve that vision, and from carefully conceived and communicated directions and plans that enable everyone to participate and be publicly accountable in achieving those plans.
  • Participative Management – it begins with a belief in the potential of people
  • Respect People
  • Understand that what we believe precedes policy and practice
  • Understand the respective role of relationship of contractual agreements and covenants
  • Understand that relationships count more than structure
  • Leaders must arrange for involvement on everybody’s part
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