3 Ways to Use Pardot to Amp Up Your Marketing Campaign

When it comes to marketing automation, new contenders and creative innovations are slowly taking over the spotlight. For example, marketing automation – with tools like Pardot – helps a business […]

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March 31, 2016

Pardot Profiles, Tags and engage

When it comes to marketing automation, new contenders and creative innovations are slowly taking over the spotlight. For example, marketing automation – with tools like Pardot – helps a business collect data and create campaign assets.   But with these marketing automation tools comes a powerful set of functionality that can be overwhelming.  So I wanted to write a short blog post on 3 ways you can easily make the most out of your Pardot subscription? Some simple adjustments and additions can get you started – for example, setting up tags (data and reporting labels) helps you sort and organize data, integrating your sales tools simplifies collaboration, and creating profiles ensures everyone is on the same page.  I’ll explain further.

Organize Pardot Assets with Tags

Tags are a simple and flexible way to organize and categorize without having to use folders.  With tagging you can apply multiple tags to an asset allowing one piece of asset to be found through multiple ways. An organized campaign is an efficient one. Control your marketing campaign using Pardot’s tagging system, and streamline your information so it’s easy to search, report, and retrieve.  Use tags to:

  • Organize by campaign or type. Did you just launch a campaign for a new product? Tag all your campaign content so it’s easy to retrieve with a few clicks. Conversely, organize your information by type: tag logos, email templates, landing pages, and so on.
  • Control your prospect data. Pull different populations from your prospect list when you’re ready to review them. Mark them as “sales ready” or “needs more time” so you can report on your population efficiently.
  • Sort through your daily prospect emails. Marketing automation makes your email marketing campaign so much easier. Amplify it even more by sorting your emailing list. Tag unqualified prospects to omit them from your list. This allows your sales team to focus only on their best leads, improving efficiency.
  • Track your key campaign events. Use tags to identify when a prospect has been involved with the most engaging aspects of your campaign. You’ll always have an idea of who is most sales ready.

Leverage Pardot’s Sales Cloud Engage


We all know success is most likely when your sales and marketing departments are on the same page. Now sales people have more marketing power at their fingertips with Pardot and Sales Cloud Engage. Sales Cloud Engage works to keep sales reps empowered by providing real-time and mobile access to key metrics and marketing content. Use it to:

  • Look at data. Give sales reps access to trends that help them close the deal. Dashboards provide visual insight into what works best.
  • View engagement activities in real time, all from a mobile app.
  • Respond to prospect cues quickly and effectively. Add leads and follow ups on-the-go from a phone.
  • Nurture leads with custom drip campaigns and emails. Companies spend millions fine tuning their sales funnels and keeping prospects on the hook until they finally convert. Drip programs send targeted messages at certain times when leads behave in a certain way – for example, abandoning a virtual shopping cart.
  • Lead the Conversation wtih Sales Cloud Engage

Know Your Way Around Pardot Profiles


Use Pardot profiles to help you identify and retain your best prospects by assigning grades to your prospect pool. Choose how you’ll grade your potential customers by using criteria like company size, location, or other factors. Change a profile manually, or automate the process by specifying changes during the initial setup. For example, you could have a client’s profile automatically updated after a certain event, like being added to a list.

Pardot Profiles

Profiles help your sales and marketing teams focus only on the most sales-ready prospects. Saving time and resources allows you to focus on closing the deal without chasing after clients who are less than ideal.

Automation is a powerful resource in every marketer’s toolbox. When used effectively, Pardot can save your marketing team time and money while providing valuable information that turns leads into conversions.


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