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Last week in Indianapolis was the first annual Proving It Conference. . This was put on by LeadJen, a company that provides sales growth to clients through strong database building, […]

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September 11, 2012

Last week in Indianapolis was the first annual Proving It Conference. . This was put on by LeadJen, a company that provides sales growth to clients through strong database building, marketing campaigns, & B2B appointment setting. This conference was a day full of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, networking, good food and closed with sending the participants to Crooked Stick to watch the top 70 PGA golfers play in the BMW Championship.

The focus of the conference was putting effective lead generating tactics in place that would increase company sales. Throughout the event I was taking many notes and left with great advice and ideas so I thought I would share the 25 things that companies should do or need to know that will help them drive qualified leads to their company.

  1. For a company to grow their business the focus must be on customer service and providing personal touches.
  2. Apple knew that if they were going to beat their competition it wasn’t going to because of their products but rather their ability to quickly serve their customers. To execute on this Apple brought in executive leadership from the hospitality industry to change the culture to that of fast and accurate customer service.
  3. Before a prospect becomes a customer they demand your time and attention. If you are not giving them timely service nor valuable attention they they will go elsewhere.
  4. Your audience wants timely and non-intrusive content. Don’t focus on “selling” to them but rather providing them valuable content that educates them. If you do this well then sales will naturally come. Here are 4 ways your sales team can deliver quality content to their audience.
  5. After a sale is made don’t put the culture only on supporting the client but rather building a relationship with the client.
  6. Strong relationships means providing them an experience unlike no other coupled with valuable content through social media, email marketing, eBooks, case studies and phone calls.
  7. If you are doing telemarketing then you need to have a real person making the calls. Instead of “selling” they are to provide timely and relevant information.
  8. It’s about quality and not quantity. Your lead generation strategies should be putting the focus on qualified leads that could buy. It’s not about the quantity of leads because then you would just have a lot of leads who don’t want to buy.
  9. Have a clear understanding about what call-to-action you want your lead generation to do. For example, it should drive the conversation to a demo, an office visit, a webinar, etc.
  10. After a lead is identified then categorize your leads as “A”, “B” or “C”. Your “A” leads are those ready to buy right now and need immediate attention from your sales team. Your “B” leads are warm and are entering the sales funnel. “C” leads are considered slow movers. But this doesn’t mean you forget about them. Instead, utilize strong marketing automation strategies to keep them engaged because eventually they will buy and you want them to buy from you.
  11. In your customer relationship management (“CRM”) tool make sure you track activities to opportunities. Learn how to maximize your CRM and Website’s marketing power.
  12. You are competing for a client on your ability to offer valuable and timely information.
  13. Your sales people have systematic systems that they follow. Your website and marketing efforts need systems as well. For example, if a lead is driven to a website and converts on a call-to-action then your website needs to know what happens next. Follow the workflows put in place by your CRM or marketing automation software.
  14. Know what activity it takes to drive a conversion
  15. Although telemarketing is doing lead generation it is also indirectly doing public relations.
  16. In sales don’t be dependent on your sales people and who they know. Rather be dependent on strong sales processes.
  17. If your company is doing trade shows and events then you must have timely and relevant follow-up campaigns.
  18. “Businesses have only three functions – marketing, innovation and making a profit” – Peter Drucker
  19. Your marketing plan should fit on one piece of paper.
  20. Know exactly the benefits (not features) of your company.
  21. In sales and marketing make sure you track everything.
  22. When you are networking focus on how you can help them; not how they can help you.
  23. Mobile is the #1 growing trend in technology; start using it for sales. Learn how to get started with a mobile experience.
  24. Start using Google+ and drop Facebook.
  25. You can dominate Google with content.

To sum this up it’s obvious that companies need to educate and communicate with the clients and prospects. The common message throughout the day was persistence and relevant content.

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