Indiana is a Darn Good State to Have a Business

Indiana is a Darn Good State to Have a Business. Indiana has good economic leaders and Hoosiers have true Midwestern values.

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March 13, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010 – a rainy day in Indy which allows me to catch up on some work. As I sit in my home office and look out the window I begin to reflect on how fortunate I am to be in the state of Indiana and how good the state of Indiana has been to myself, my family and Galvin.  I moved to Indy in 2002 not knowing a soul but since then I have been able to start, build and grow a web and software development company by surrounding myself around very good people, networks, mentors and staff.  Sure, I miss my home state of Michigan and I hope the next election is able to put the right people in place to turn that state around (Michiganders, please consider voting for Mike Cox in 2010) but Indiana has wrapped it’s arms around my family and I and we have grown.

The business and economic leaders of Indiana have done a very good job of leading the state in the right direction.  Agricultural, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Logistics, Sports, Associations and Technology are well represented in Indiana.  The leaders know the strengths of the land, advantages of the Midwestern location and the values and ethics of Hoosiers and thus built a strong state headed in the right direction.  There are lots of good people leading the state of Indiana and as the next election nears it is very important for Hoosier business leaders to elect a candidate that  continues to support businesses and employees in Indiana.  Indiana is headed in the right direction and let’s not forget that.

I also look back and I am thrilled with the impact Galvin Technologies has been able to contribute to Indiana.  In just the past year we have been able to work on the following Indiana and Indianapolis projects that help improve Indianapolis and Indiana:

Indiana is a darn good state of have a business.

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