Content Marketing Is The New Black and the Challenges Writers Face

If there’s one earsplitting fact that you ought to know as of the moment – that is, in the next few years or even in the next few minutes, the […]

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May 16, 2014

If there’s one earsplitting fact that you ought to know as of the moment – that is, in the next few years or even in the next few minutes, the total number of self-employed will drastically outnumber those who are employed by big conglomerates or by the state. Yes, you’ve heard it deafening and precise. The forthcoming setting of work will be more flexible, more collaborative, far less sheltered and indeed, more freelance.
With the advancement and innovation of technology that revolutionize the leverage of freelancing industry, freelance writing economy has grown significantly. According to U.S. Department of Labor, the demand for writers and authors is expected to grow 6 percent from 2010 to 2020. The insinuation of this figure will affect not only the business sector and aesthetics but also the society and economic perspective. This also shows how freelance writing drift will pilot to a more solvent economy and more pliant population.

Competition will be on Ascend

The Intuit 2020 report foresees that 40 percent of entire labor in United States will be encompassed of freelance workers and 40 percent of all these freelancers are in the field of writing. Meaning, competition is really high and tough in broad-spectrum. As more and more are turning their shells to freelancing as their fervor career, competition is in reality competitive.

Content Marketing Is The New Black

Content marketing will coerce demand for freelance writers. As of today, great numbers of business to business marketers are engage in content marketing and are projected to boost by the next few years. Content marketing budgets will also increase in 54 percent and many companies will use freelance writers to meet the shifting demand. The argument for freelance writer with this dynamic is how to modify their skills to a more content-based approach. As more brands and corporations are embracing content marketing as part of their marketing efforts, freelance writing landscape will amend over time.

The Age of Optimized Writing

The trends are likely to continue and overlap. It is expected that the demand for qualified SEO writers will build up. Large number of freelance writers will shift to online writing. The next front line will be more optimize as anticipated as clients are becoming more particular into writers who can not only construct well-written copy but a copy that will help their website gain more SERP results. Basic knowledge about the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization or SEO must be one of the gauges to take gaze into. Keywords and how Google algorithm works can be a substantial edge as every bits-and-piece of word and phrases online are becoming optimized.

The Opportunities in Self – publishing

A great shift of writers who are jumping into self-publishing is in unparalleled rate. A grand evident could be the number of published books in America that grew by 287 percent to 234,625 books between 2006 and 2011 according to an article in The Guardian. This implies that there is definite opportunity that holds back in self-publishing. However, there is also some deceptive angle to deem as self-pushing is on the augment – and that is the quality of each copy produced. The formula to be employ should always be a mishmash of quality and quantity. Many of companies will provide supplementary platforms that will capitalize on freelance writing and the future freelancers should take advantage of it.

Social media writing will be ‘in’

The future of freelance writing will not end and be only limited to optimize writing and content marketing rather with a new periphery – the social media writing. As social media makes a viral blast to online community, there is an enormous gap to be tapped between the demands for this fragment and its opportunities. Knowing that social media and blogs can reach 80 percent of all active US users, it is vital to identify what social media writing is.

Social Media Tweet

According to, social media writing is a bit of hybrid that has simple and fast system. It can be defined as the writing content with specific intent of getting it widely distributed on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked In, in which the top 3 biggest social media influencers as of today. SEO writing and social media writing are diverge from one another. One thin line that separates this two set of creative writing is that SEO content is an online substance that is ‘keyword’ driven while social media content is a content written to be found and more of like ‘headline’ driven.

The Price Of Tumbling Out Is Only Going To Go Up

With all these far-fetched future freelance writing defies, it is essential to recognize where you will stand. Shifting to a further freelance notion will entails a lot of stuffs to be done and will create big impact on the future workforce. As technology and work patterns are changing ultimately, going out with the traditional will always be the finest drift to move up. Looking and analyzing all these future challenges will not only equip you as you go along beckon the freelance economy but also will make your future freelance writing sustainable in nature.

Anna Rodriguez is an online marketing, social media adn SEO expert and owns Homey Guide Blog. Follow her at @annrodriguez021

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