Can Blogging be Effective to Reach Corporate Executives?

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February 10, 2014

Do Corporate Executives Read Blogs?

[tweet_quote]Blogging is an effective strategy when trying to target companies.[/tweet_quote]  Whether you provide a service or a product in the B2B market; blogging needs to be part of your sales and marketing strategy.  But do corporate executives read blogs?  We get this question often when meeting with clients as we map out their website strategy.

When planning out your website and blogging strategy its better to be pessimistic and plan that most corporate executives are not spending a lot of their time reading blogs,.  I’m not saying that corporate executives never read blogs because many do but most don’t.  But you can absolutely count on the fact that they are reading your blog indirectly because they rely on their colleagues and their network of influencers to relay information to them.  These are the individuals who are reading blogs.

If your target audience are corporate executives then your blogging strategy should focus on providing educational and thought provoking content to their piers.  These are the individuals who are creating budgets and strategies that get presented to corporate executives and they need your thought leadership.  They are educating themselves and consuming content.  You just need to make sure they are consuming content from your website.

In the meantime, direct sales strategies are more effective to getting in front of corporate executives.  Thus a nice intersection between your blogging and sales strategies becomes real.  What does the corporate executive do before meeting with the sales person?  They check out their website.

This is where you have the opportunity to grab the attention of the corporate executive as they browse your website reading the useful information you’ve written.  Now, instead of going into the meeting unaware, the corporate executive has a much clearer overview of what your company can provide.  Also, they might have caught some additional information they wish to discuss with you.  Better yet, they might share your content with their piers or colleagues who report to them.  When this happens you can bank on the fact that you are already ahead of your competition.

If you’re writing content for corporate executives and you are not getting the traction or leads you desire then you need to scale your blog to a much smaller position in the company org chart.  You will see that your blog will get more traffic, more return visits and ultimately more leads that will turn into sales.  The effect your blog has on the smaller community will eventually trickle up to the corporate executives.  I can’t tell you how many times I am called into a meeting of a potentially new client and as I site across the table the colleague of the corporate executive is doing the selling for me.  Sure makes things easier on my side.

In closing, no.  Plan your website and blog strategy as if corporate executives will not read it.  Rather, rely on your blog as a strategy to support your sales efforts.

Happy Blogging; Happy Selling!

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