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The prospects who will be working with your company will generally not engage a salesperson until 55% of the way through through sales cycle. The reason for this is that, […]

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October 19, 2012

The prospects who will be working with your company will generally not engage a salesperson until 55% of the way through through sales cycle. The reason for this is that, in the age of readily-available information, most would rather educate themselves on your product or service, coming to their own conclusions as to whether or not you will be able to solve their problems.  The troubled economy of the previous few years has created a different type of consumer — a consumer who expects you to deliver an experience filled with valuable insights and solutions to problems before they actually have to speak with you.

Whether you are a beginner or an industry expert, this event has a learning track tailored for your needs. Galvin Technologies is excited to be sending representatives to this event. As we look at the impressive agenda in an attempt to identify the sessions that most interest us, we found it helpful to view everything by the topics covered.  This list has helped us make our decisions.  Hopefully, it will be of use to you as well.

Topic: Metrics
  • How to Measure Social Media: A Step-By-Step Guide to Developing and Assessing Social Media ROI (Keynote Presentation)
    – Nichole Kelly, President, Social Media Explorer
    – 9:10am
  • Lead Scoring and Nurturing for Lifecycle Marketing
    – Kathy Brown, Vice President of Client Success, Right On Interactive
    – 2:40pm
Topic: Content Marketing
  • The 5 P’s of Content Marketing: Plan, Produce, Publish, Promote, Prove
    – Frank Dale, CEO, Compendium
    – 10:20am
  • SEO in a Post-Panda/Penguin World
    – Haley Drummond, Director of Organic Search, One Click
    – 11:10am
  • How Data-Driven Content Marketing Changes The Game
    – Mary Wallace, Director, Client Marketing Services, UBM
    – 1:50am
Topic: Business Development, Sales and Marketing
  • Engaging Customers Through Multiple Digital Channels
    – Jessica Bradford, Manager for Customer Engagement and Interactive Campaigns, FedEx
    – 11:10am
  • Finding and Marketing to Niche Audiences Online
    – Jeff Ready, CEO, Scale Computing
    – 11:10am
  • Marketing in the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT)
    – Daren Tomey, Enterprise Business Development, Zmags
    – 1:00pm
  • The End of Customer Focus: Creating Meaning in the Age of Anxious Noise
    – Pete Gall, Director of Brand and Content Strategy at Kristian Anderson + Associates
    – 1:50pm
  • Navigating the Affiliate Marketing Roadmap
    – Cole Fisher, Affiliate Marketing Manager, ChaCha
    – 2:40pm
  • Flipping the Funnel: Connecting with Non-traditional Demographics through Inbound Marketing
    – Carissa Newton, CMO, Oak Street Funding
    – 2:40pm
  • In Mobile, One Size Does NOT Fit All
    – Ryan Mull, Managing Partner, Imavex
    – 2:40pm
  • Don’t Waste Your Second Impression: Enhance Your SEM Efforts with Remarketing
    – Joe Kerschbaum, Vice President, Clix Marketing
    – 3:30pm
Topic: Social Media
  • Building Your Brand Through Social Media Storytelling
    – Jenny Messmer, Digital Marketing Manager, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis
    – 10:20am
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective YouTubers
    – Julie Perry, Vice President Social Media, BLASTMedia
    – 10:20am
  • Using Social Media Influencers to Drive Brand Awareness
    – Muhammad Yasin, Marketing Director, HCC Medical Insurance Services
    – 1:50pm
  • Online Communications: Not Your Grandmother’s News Release
    – Lauren Littlefield, Director of Communications, ITT Educational Services
    – 3:30pm
Topic: Customer Retention
  • The WHY Workshop: Creating Emotional Connections that Keep Prospects and Clients Close
    – Jon Digregory, Founder, Cantaloupe.tv
    – 1:00pm
  • Email is Dead, Long Live Email
    – Todd Muffley, CEO, Fat Atom Marketing
    – 1:00pm

Short video on why you should attend the 2012 MBO

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