Why is There a Dog in Your Logo? The Profiles of the Dogs Who Visit the Office

The most asked question we get is

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February 14, 2014


The most asked question we get is

[tweet_quote] “Why is there a dog in our logo“?[/tweet_quote] We love this question and we love answering it. As a matter of fact, one of the most visiited webpages on our website is the “Why the Dog” section.  Our logo was designed in 2006 by our web designer at the time.  At that time Stanley, my black lab family dog, would come into the office on a regular basis.  It was nice as he walked throughout the halls of the office, hung out with employees and greeted our guests and clients.  So when our designer came up with a new logo for Galvin Technologies Stanley was the inspiration.

Beyond Stanley there is a reason why there is a dog in the Galvin logo.  There are many positive qualities that a dog has and Galvin Technologies presents these qualities on behalf of our clients and more.

  • Personality – We become our clients’ steadfast companion in achieving their goals.
  • Persistence – We have the determination to get the job done the right way.
  • Stamina – We always follow through.
  • Strength – We are strong in knowledge, talent, technique, and ethics.
  • Fierce Loyalty – We aren’t just working for a paycheck. We are committed to our clients.
  • A “Leader of the Pack” Attitude – We do what it takes to put our customers ahead and set a standard in our industry.
  • Learning the Industry’s New Tricks – We discover and use the best processes and practices of an ever-changing industry.

Our Dogs

Many of us in the office have dogs and love them dearly and oftentimes the Galvin employees bring their dog into the office for the day. So we thought we would put this blog post together and highlight some of the dogs who visit us at the Galvin office and how their qualities best match the qualities behind the Galvin logo.


Breed: Yellow Lab
Age: 4
Quality: personality

Dexter is certainly a personality. He loves to play, and is fairly outgoing to new people and other dogs in strange places. Dexter is also a protector as he likes to position his “resting locations” in spots that put him at a great advantage to protect his loved ones.  The Galvin team has seen Dexter grow since he was a little puppy and is one of the best behaved dogs who visits us.

Candace Flynn Ryder

Breed: Beagle
Age: 1 yr
Quality: Personality

Candace (3)Candace is Crissy’s first family dog.  Candace has a personality that allows her to interact differently with each person of Crissy’s family.   This is why personality is number one of our dog traits that describes Galvin.  The one common denominator between all projects no matter how the scope differs is the people.  We pride ourselves in being able to adapt and communicate with all types of personalities.


Breed:  Yellow Labrador
Age:   6 months old
Quality:  “Leader Of The Pack Attitude”

Huck photo 3Often in business the best solutions do not exist within the confines of the existing knowledge base or technical solutions.  A true leader of the pack is not constrained by assumptions, by the current ‘way’, or by perceived limitations.  It takes a leader to see and execute on these opportunities.  Like Galvin Technologies, Huck is a true leader of the pack.  While is loves running on the established trails, there are often times when he takes the path less traveled, exploring new directions, and discovers new adventures.  “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Breed: Blue tick / German Shepherd / Cattle Dog
Age: 11 months
Quality: Personality

Jason has only had Buckley for a little over a month now, but instantly could tell right away that he is his furry soul mate. Buck is extremely playful and will play tug of war for hours if you let him. This personality is what makes him such a great companion for Jason because he is always willing to go outside (even during polar vortex weather) to run 3-5 miles with him.


Breed: Sheltie/Corgi mix
Age: 10 mos
Quality: Personality

Mango keysMango has a very bubbly personality.  It may be that he’s still technically a puppy, and it may be his breed.  He is very anxious to please and he’s always there to greet us at the door with his bouncy, kangaroo-type legs (though short…he is a corgi after all).  He loves being social and meeting new people and animals, and he doesn’t like us to be out-of-sight from us for too long.  He thinks, nay, KNOWS, that EVERYBODY wants to be his friend.  I think this is similar to how we operate at Galvin.  We think of everybody as our friend and will do anything in our power to establish that relationship up front.  It makes for a more optimistic office environment!


Breed: Black Lab mix
Age: 11 Years Old
Quality: Fierce Loyalty

Stanley, the Galvin dogStanley is Gary’s dog and is the inspiration of the Galvin logo.  Stanley was a unique dog which made him special to the Galvin family.  We lost Stanley in July 2013 and we miss him dearly.  If there was a lesson that we learned from Stanley it was to treat everyone with kindness. Stanley had a lot of love to give and it seemed he loved no one more than those in his family. No matter who you were Stanley wanted to be close to you and enjoyed the attention he was always given.

Do you have a dog and do any of the qualities laid out in our logo match your dog’s qualities?  We would love to hear from you or feel free to stop by and bring your dog.

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