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Cloud Computing

Galvin leverages cloud technologies to help our clients become more agile, efficient, and profitable.   We seek out opportunities to leverage new advances in cloud technology to improve business processes and encourage technology innovation. We strive to measurably strengthen our client’s market presence using proven internet marketing strategies and techniques.

Cloud CRM

Galvin’s Cloud CRM services specialize in revenue acceleration and operational excellence to help organizations quickly achieve tangible results from investment in Cloud computing.  Our hands-on consulting approach focuses on demand generation and sales acceleration and the client’s capabilities to foster these outcomes.

We have proven experience, expertise, and knowledge in delivering business solutions that yield positive results. Our Salesforce CRM Cloud Services offer business owners and executives the solutions and resources they need to make business decisions about their CRM strategy with greater clarity than ever before.

Following the Salesforce CRM implementation, we work closely with our client’s organization in a cross functional capacity to provide Salesforce Administrator services through a custom tailored solution that is SLA specific to the company’s dynamics, businesses processes, goals and objectives.

Galvin provides first-class implementations and integrations of Salesforce.com.  As a Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Partner, Galvin delivers a full array of Salesforce.com services that include:

  • Business process design and optimization
  • Solution architecture design and documentation
  • Application and custom-object configuration
  • Force.com application design and development
  • Data migration and master data management
  • Org consolidation and migration
  • System integration to Cloud and legacy ERP
  • User, administrator and developer training
  • Sustainment and Support

Cloud Web & Software Applications

Galvin’s Cloud services for Web and Software Applications enable closer interaction between your business and the essential technology functions that are necessary in today’s marketplace.  Our team of experienced consultants can provide insight and innovation, leveraging the latest cloud technologies to drive your organization toward common end goals: customer satisfaction and revenue generation.   As with all Galvin initiatives our success is to achieve this by concentrating on clearly defining business, technical, and design requirements coupled with strong project management processes.

Cloud Content Management

Galvin offers clients the convenience of Cloud Content Management solutions.  Cloud CMS provides a solution that requires no local infrastructure that is infinitely scalable with the organization.  Cloud CMS also provides a full-featured solution with the potential for a global reach as the organization grows.   Client benefits inherent to Cloud CMS include:

  • Retain high levels of control over the CMS solution
  • Scale websites quickly and easily to new geographies
  • Respond immediately to business needs and surges in demand
  • Lower costs of entry and ongoing operations.

Since 2010, Galvin has been providing first-class implementations and integrations of both Sitecore® and Kentico® content management systems..  We also have a proprietary Cloud CMS solution, for small and mid-market firms that provides a customizable solution at an attractive price.

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