Salesforce Introduces the Next Generation of Nonprofit Cloud

This new version of Nonprofit Cloud is a game-changer for nonprofits

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May 3, 2023

Salesforce announces it is expanding offerings for nonprofits with the next generation Nonprofit Cloud. Galvin is excited to support this new service by growing our expertise surrounding this new nonprofit tool. The innovative Nonprofit Cloud will give nonprofit organizations even more power to bring fundraising, program teams, and outcomes together with a single solution.

Streamlined Functionality

The new Nonprofit Cloud includes updated program management, case management, fundraising, engagement, and grantmaking features, that help nonprofits organize and learn from the data already being collected. It also includes built-in outcome analytics and reporting for every functionality, helping nonprofits personalize engagement for optimal impact and accelerate their mission goals.

Develop a Strong Data Strategy

This new offering from Salesforce gives nonprofits the power to modernize how they serve members without compromising tradition, which is more important than ever before. Nearly three-quarters of nonprofit leaders say they need to make a digital transformation, but only 12 percent score high in terms of digital maturity.

Galvin can help nonprofits leverage the power of the new Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and develop a strong data strategy to begin their digital transformation journey.

Game-Changing Nonprofit Management

This new version of Nonprofit Cloud is a game-changer for nonprofits, providing a single platform for stakeholders to all work from the same data and information, and make program and funding adjustments in real-time. Combined with Galvin’s support and knowledge of the Salesforce platform, nonprofits can ensure their data is accurate across all sectors of the organization.

Continuous Nonprofit Support

With Galvin, nonprofits gain continuous, expert support for all Salesforce nonprofit offerings, including the existing Salesforce Nonprofit Success Package (NPSP) and all accompanying packages, including Program Management Module, Case Management Module, Grants Management Module, Outbound Funds Module, and now, the new Nonprofit Cloud. Ready to see how Galvin can help you get started?

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