Galvin’s Favorite Flows: Auto Converting Multiple Leads Into One Account

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August 26, 2021

Auto Converting Multiple Leads Into One Account

Remember trade shows? Big, bustling convention halls full of thousands of people just walking around looking for their next great buy. Ah, those were the days… While 2020 provided an unwelcome hiatus, trade shows are coming back. It’s time to dust off the display, clean out the business card fishbowl, and get ready for some new leads. But before you head back on the road, take time to get more than just your booth prepared. Setting up one of Galvin’s Favorite Flows for automatically attaching multiple leads to one account inside Salesforce keeps things organized and manageable. You pack the swag. We’ll prep the sales. 

Leads represent potential customers in Salesforce. Companies frequently generate leads from activities like road shows, website visits, or client referrals. Leads are great for gauging potential deals, monitoring sales pipelines, and creating targeted marketing campaigns. When a sale becomes a likely possibility, the lead generally is considered “qualified” and converted to an opportunity. Salesforce creates a business account and contact for the opportunity using information stored in the lead record. Sales reps then can get to work turning the opportunity into a winning deal.

Now think back to that tradeshow fishbowl full of business cards. Each of those cards is a lead. However, some might come from the same business. In fact, you had great conversations with procurement managers for the east and west regions of an existing client. Expanding your footprint with a customer is great. Manually converting every lead is not. That’s where this Galvin’s Favorite Flow gets to work. 

The process starts with a standard lead conversion by the sales rep in Salesforce. The lead becomes an opportunity with an account and primary contact. This triggers the Flow to look for all leads using the same company name. An Apex Action then takes the identified leads and auto converts them to separate contacts all attached to the existing account. The Flow uses an automation rule assigning a unique conversion status to these new contacts so reporting can track them against the original manually converted lead. 

This Galvin’s Favorite Flow solves two major problems for sales teams: wasting time on non-revenue-generating work and using bad data. The Flow eliminates all but one manual lead conversion per account. Like dominos, the first lead prompts the system to automatically convert the rest. The Flow also ensures good account information across contacts. The manual conversion process allows users to “create new” or “choose existing” information. This creates room for errors, especially when multiple reps work leads from the same company. The Flow fixes this issue by ensuring every lead attaches to what should be accurate information for the active account. Plus, opening an opportunity for a second contact under an account becomes quick and easy when the time is right. 

You can shake hands, take names, and generate interest at that next event. This Galvin’s Favorite Flow does the behind-the-scenes work of getting those leads organized so you can close the deal. (And the Flow doesn’t even need tchotchkes.) 

For more ways Galvin helps clients “go with the Flow,” check out our other Favorite Flows or reach out with a process you need simplified. 


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