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For many marketers who allocate a good amount of their marketing budgets to Google AdWords, there hasn’t been an easy or seamless way to integrate AdWords data with Salesforce or […]

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May 15, 2018

For many marketers who allocate a good amount of their marketing budgets to Google AdWords, there hasn’t been an easy or seamless way to integrate AdWords data with Salesforce or other CRMs. What this leaves is two separate tools with two sets of data, making it difficult to not only see where each lead and opportunity came from, but how much revenue is actually generated from marketing activities.

Likewise, if you’ve gone through the manual process of connecting Salesforce and Google AdWords data, the process wasn’t exactly quick or easy. If only there was a better way to integrate your sales and marketing data into one place!

Introducing GA Connector — a tool that does all of this and more.

GA Connector not only syncs your most important sales and marketing data, but allows you to understand exactly where every dollar goes. For businesses that want to maximize their marketing budgets and quantify the results of their marketing activities, GA Connector can provide immediate value in just a few configuration steps.

Here are five reasons why we believe you should consider connecting your Salesforce and AdWords data with GA Connector.

1. You’ll keep your sales and marketing data in sync

The effectiveness of your marketing campaigns relies squarely on your data. While inaccurate, erroneous, and missing data in Salesforce can lead to poor decisions (and create costly consequences), data that’s not synced can make or break a campaign, team, or even company.

GA Connector allows you to send information about Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, and other custom objects in Salesforce directly to Google Analytics so you can understand how much revenue is generated by a given ad, keyword, or campaign. GA Connector also allows you to import data from Google Analytics directly into Salesforce — information about campaigns, events, metrics, and dimensions tied with customer data can clearly reveal which ads are generating opportunities and which ones aren’t.

When sales and marketing data are in sync, you’ll be able to quickly see how results are tied to activities. Likewise, you’ll be able to gain insights into customers and effectively tailor campaigns to their needs.

2. You’ll glean valuable customer and campaign insights

Your website is essentially your gateway to customers. If it’s not optimized for an engaging customer experience, then it’s likely visitors won’t stay for long. With GA Connector, you can view the entire click path of any visitor through your website in Salesforce — you’ll not only see where they came from and how they traveled through your website, but how they got from that first click to that final sale.

By having these insights at your fingertips, you can identify problematic pages on your website, drop-off points, and any issues that you may suspect are hindering visitors from converting to customers. More importantly, you’ll have AdWords data tied to every lead that converts from your website, helping you make better decisions on how to approach your website and online marketing strategies. With more data comes the ability to not only make smarter decisions, but to improve the experience of buying and selling.

3. You’ll optimize your entire sales process

GA Connector combines the power of Salesforce data and Google AdWords data to provide you with all the information you need to streamline your sales process. You’ll gain insight into not only the mind of the buyer, but their process of buying as well. What types of ads are qualified leads clicking on? What information do they look for on your website? What steps do they take before submitting their information? While it’s important to listen to your data, it’s even more important to ask questions and understand why something is working or isn’t working. Fortunately, this tool helps you find these answers more easily.

Data is power — and for good reason. When you understand your customers and business, the greater opportunity you have to create highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

4. You’ll convert higher quality leads

The goal of any sales and marketing team is to pursue only the highest qualified leads. It’s just not good business sense to follow those that will likely bring you to a dead end and then tell you no. Now you’re out of time and money.

However, by combining the power of Salesforce and Google AdWords data, you can worry less about whether you’re pursuing the right leads and instead focus on leads that are more likely to say yes. GA Connector allows you to see where the majority of new customers are coming from and which channels are most lucrative. Likewise, you can track how much revenue a marketing approach generated so you can identify which ones are most effective. With this information, you can take action on higher quality leads and make the most out of every marketing dollar.

5. You’ll know where every dollar goes

What if you could stop spending money on sales and marketing activities that generate zero revenue? Although it sounds too good to be true, it’s not that far-fetched.

One of the primary benefits of GA Connector is its ability to track the revenue of campaigns so you know exactly where each and every dollar is spent. You can evaluate keywords, ads, and campaigns to ensure they’re profitable and cost-effective. And if they’re not? Then you’ll have the knowledge to take action and create results. By holding every dollar accountable, you have the power to maximize your marketing budget and increase the overall ROI of your sales and marketing efforts.

Still not convinced?

If you’ve been looking to marry your Salesforce and Google AdWords data, then look no further. Sign up for a demo or free trial of GA Connector and see for yourself!

Likewise, we’re happy to help and answer any questions you may have about connecting Salesforce and AdWords data with GA Connector. Give us a call at 317-297-2910 or email us at

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