Case Study: Custom Salesforce Integration Streamlines Workflow Efficiency for Flagship Healthcare

Custom Salesforce automations developed and implemented by Galvin Technologies resulted in workflow efficiencies and improved data accuracy for Flagship Healthcare Properties.

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December 18, 2022

Salesforce Products Used by Flagship Healthcare


Flagship Healthcare Properties is dedicated to providing extraordinary stewardship and outcomes for all they gratefully serve in healthcare real estate.

The Challenge

For a company that relies heavily on quick, convenient, and consistent access to key information on select properties, data accuracy and workflow efficiency mean everything.

Unfortunately, Flagship Healthcare Properties’ existing data organization process was run entirely through the RevistaMed database, which required manually migrating property records to Salesforce. This created several inefficiencies, including:

  • Spending too much time manually entering and migrating one property’s information into Salesforce
  • Increasing the likelihood of spelling and data errors, typos, and reduced data accuracy
  • Lack of efficient search capabilities

The Solution

To help improve Flagship Real Estate’s workflow efficiency and save employees time, Galvin created a custom integration to streamline the process. That included:

  • A custom Salesforce integration that automatically imports existing property records into Salesforce in under one minute
  • An automated import batch that runs daily and adds new properties every 24 hours
  • A custom component to improve workflow efficiency when searching for specific properties and data

Galvin provided us with a team who supported our relaunch of Salesforce, daily help desk support and design and growth needs. The team not only understands Salesforce but they understand how critical is it to learn the client’s business…most days we couldn’t tell a Galvin teammate from a Flagship teammate. That’s a true partner!

– Blake Martin
Senior Vice President for Development, Flagship Healthcare Properties

The Results

Streamlined Workflow Efficiency and Increased Data Accuracy: Employees at Flagship Healthcare Properties no longer spend unnecessary time manually migrating property records from the RevistaMed database into Salesforce. Thanks to the tailored Salesforce automation solution Galvin implemented, the company instantly streamlined its data processes and search capabilities by circumventing the time-consuming and error-ridden manual data entry process.


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