Galvin’s Favorite Flows: An (Almost) One-Click Tool for Territory Management

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August 13, 2021

An (Almost) One-Click Tool for Territory Management

The company is growing and so is the sales team. It’s time to add a new sales territory and reassign accounts. What should be as simple as a couple of clicks is anything but if you track sales activity manually. The effort put into updating a territory is time consuming and arduous, but that is not the only problem. Sales by spreadsheet, or other static method, can give way to imbalanced sales territories. Some agents get spread too thin to be effective while other territories have underutilized sales reps. Even worse, accurately measuring performance is difficult. Managing healthy competition and fair   compensation among the sales team can become a big challenge. 

Making sales is hard work. Managing territories should be easy—and it is with Galvin’s Favorite Flow for automated territory management. 

Salesforce Sales Cloud comes with a native Territory Management CRM. The robust tool offers many features including territory modeling, hierarchies, and dynamic rules based on user type. The CRM supports up to 1,000 territories and offers a highly structured model for assigning accounts. While ideal for large companies with complex sales structures, the set-up and management work required might not deliver the same ROI to small and mid-sized companies. With Galvin’s custom Lightweight Territory Management Flow, smaller companies get the benefits and ease of automating sales territories without the added work. 

Let’s say a start-up wants to assign every state into an East or West region. Each state and territory become a Salesforce record. States get associated with their designated region. Then a salesperson or team is attached to that territory. With that basic setup in place, the Flow then automatically assigns every account within a state to the salesperson responsible for the corresponding territory—no manual assignments required. 

That simple automation makes life much easier, but the value increases even more as sales teams start growing. Now a flurry of sales activity around Washington and Oregon warrants a new territory and sales representative. Manually, this would take hours designating accounts between the West and new Pacific Northwest territories. With Galvin’s Flow, the work just involves three steps: 1) creating a new territory record, 2) reassigning the two states, and 3) identifying the designated salesperson. The automation now reassigns every impacted account with a simple click. 

The territories easily feed into Salesforce dashboards and reports making visibility straightforward. Proactively spotting territory imbalances, all-star sales performers, and pipeline opportunities becomes fast and actionable. If you are looking for the equivalent of an “easy button” for territory management, this is it. 

For more ways Galvin helps clients “go with the Flow,” check out our other Favorite Flows or reach out with a process you need simplified. 


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