5 Easy Ideas to Keep Your Website Content Fresh

Keeping website content updated is a challenge but there are easy approaches one can take to keep the website content updated with fresh content.

About the Author: Gary Galvin

February 7, 2011

These days it is common for a website to be built with a content management system which will allow clients to keep the content fresh and up to date.  But the biggest issue we see is websites get out of date too quickly and the reason is last of time and discipline to keep the website updated.  But the website is oftentimes the first impression clients and prospects have of  your company so it makes sense to keep it updated.  Here are 5 easy ideas on ways to keep your website fresh and up to date.

  1. Ditch the “News” Section – If your website doesn’t have a lot of press release or news worthy items then don’t include a “News” section.  It looks bad when your “News” is outdated and these days news becomes outdated faster than it becomes news.
  2. Create Case Studies – Describe innovative ways your company solved problems and showcase examples of the success you have had with clients.  Demonstrate to your audience the success stories or you have had with other clients.  To make it easy make each case study have a problem and solution section.
  3. Write on Industry Trends- Sometimes it is a challenge to always write  about your company so write on the industry you are in or the industry you are serving.  If you service an industry niche and you see trends in that industry you can serve then adjust your website content accordingly.
  4. Create a Content Plan and Stick to It – Weather daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly create a plan on when content gets updated.  Make the plan simple that you’re not updated too much at once but rather over time.
  5. Hire it Out – If your budget allows, hire a company to create your persona and content plan. They’ll get it done which will allow you to concentrate on the things you need to do.
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