10 Apps for the Savvy & Creative Software Project Manager

If you are in charge of varying software development or technology projects for your company, you are likely consumed by the many facets each project presents. Whether it is managing […]

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September 4, 2014

Apps for Creative Project Managers

If you are in charge of varying software development or technology projects for your company, you are likely consumed by the many facets each project presents. Whether it is managing resources, updating budgets or presenting to clients project managers have a lot of responsibility. Fortuantly,

[tweet_quote]there are many applications (“apps”) that can keep any project manager sane.[/tweet_quote]Whether you are working on a creative task like simple graphic design or elaborate systems of customer management, there is cloud based software out there to assist you.

Since these apps are mostly cloud based, you avoid issues like big upfront costs, updating the software on every office computer, and storing all that data internally. While some of this cloud software may be costly, there are low cost and free ones to consider as well. Here are 10 web-based apps that range from free to only $30 a month.

1. Slideshare

Ever wanted to impress the boss or a client with a cool power point presentation or infographic? Here is a great and free way to do it. SlideShare is awesome at creating presentations, infographics, and other standard documents.

2. Hootsuite

Like it or not, social media is a part of most businesses nowadays and project managers should embrace it. As a project manager you are busy during the day and may not have the time to keep up with your social media. Hoot Suite is the answer as it keeps all the social platforms in one place while allowing you to schedule posts and tweets.

3. Pixlr

Not everyone is a Photoshop wizard. But we all need to do the occasional photo edit in any business. Pixlr is completely webbased and provides advanced graphical editing tools that keep project managers creative, if they need to be. Quick and easy edits with Pixlr unclog the bottleneck of designs.

4. Easelly

Sometimes it is hard to get ideas across to clients or our bosses. Easelly helps make visual displays that can clear things up so people understand where you are coming from. You pay nothing for this artistic jewel.

5. Trello

It is not easy keeping track of client interactions sometimes. Emails back and forth become a cluttered mess. With a free sign up at Trello, you can clean up collaborations with a team and clients. No more hunting through three different programs for that last client modification.

6. Freshbooks

If you don’t want to risk losing all your business’ financial data in a PC crash, you can let Fresh Books handle that for you. Everything with this invoicing software is, you guessed it, in the cloud. It has a free version or a low cost option for $20 a month. Fresh Books is ideal for the small business.

7. Any.do

Look no further if you are tired of mundane calendars and task trackers. Any.do is a free app that lets you plan and view each day beautifully. The company focuses on one day at a time living and working. It is a cool concept for our super busy lives. The iPhone and Android apps allow you to write or speech-to-text a quick note while the browser add-on give you quick access edit all your daily and upcoming tasks.

8. Paypal

Paypal has complicated systems in place to make their financial software work on their end. The user only needs an email address to start up. There is no software tutorials to learn or anything to download. Just start selling online or in real life. Paypal provides the service to collect all that money for you.

9. Google Maps

We all take Google Maps for granted, but this is a powerful tool. In the right industry these maps can be used for many purposes. It is free to use and the possibilities are only limited by one’s own creativity.

10. Salesforce

A powerful, yet affordable application called Salesforce can help any company with their customer relationship management(CRM) as well as manage any project in production. Salesforce is ideal for the enterprise level to the small business user. Starting at $25 a month, managing your customers and projects can become a breeze. Salesforce also offers more products to help in more diversified business uses.

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