Galvin’s Favorite Flows: Step-By-Step Guidance for Creating Salesforce Opportunities

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August 31, 2021

Step-By-Step Guidance for Creating Salesforce Opportunities

It’s been a busy week for your sales team. The dashboard shows several new Opportunities. You’re excited to look at each one and can’t help thinking about those future commissions! But as you click through, too many records have missing or bad information. Are these legitimate Opportunities? Is the sales team just being sloppy or are they struggling to understand how important this data really is? 

Regardless of the question, one of Galvin’s Favorite Flows is the answer for making Opportunities in Salesforce foolproof. 

An Opportunity is a potential deal in progress. Opportunity records track details about a pending sale including the account it is attached to, who the decision makers are, and the value if won. Opportunity records feed the sales pipeline, which Salesforce uses to create forecasts. Missing data could mean a stalled deal or an inaccurate projection. 

Sales representatives like to work fast. They’d rather be making deals than tracking them. But when they skip Opportunity fields, they create a ripple effect on things like dashboards, team sales, and marketing automation. 

If you are tired of telling your sales team to “Complete the Opportunity,” this Flow’s for you! 

We built a step-by-step process that kicks off when a sales rep clicks “Create Opportunity.” Rather than seeing static, standard Opportunity fields, the Flow provides a guided walkthrough. The Flow takes users through every critical data point one by one. By focusing on the key information needed, reps learn to gather this information as part of their fact-finding work. The more methodical process improves record accuracy without compromising speed. Creating Opportunities becomes quicker and more reliable. 

Everyone using Opportunity records to drive reports and work processes benefits from better information. This is especially true for Pardot which uses Opportunity data for personalized marketing and audience segmentation. 

Now when clicking through Opportunities, you can focus on more deals, not missing data. 

For more ways Galvin helps clients “go with the Flow,” check out our other Favorite Flows or reach out with a process you need simplified. 


We’d love to work with you on your Salesforce needs. Our team of certified Consultants can work closely with your team to close more deals. Call us at 317-297-2910 or complete the form below.

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