Galvin Provides Certified & Experienced Field Service Lightning Consultants

Bring Your Field Techs Into the Cloud

Today’s fieldwork requires a robust and innovative form of technology that promotes collaboration and efficiency. Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning offers this, and it’s stocked with a variety of customizable features that can be intimidating or overwhelming if you and your team are learning how to use the product. At Galvin Technologies, we offer the Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consulting and Implementation that you need to keep your business agile and innovative so you can focus on providing your customers with an enhanced experience.

Leading the Charge with Salesforce Field Service Lightning Implementations

We recruit and train premier Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultants.  This has allowed Galvin to be at the forefront of Salesforce Field Service Lightning implementations.  Our implementation projects have ranged from companies providing field service solutions locally to large enterprise companies serving a global landscape.

Salesforce Certified Field Service Lightning Consultant

Salesforce Field Service Lightning CertificationBeing Field Service Lightning Certified means that we have the knowledge and skills to provide the expertise you need from the Salesforce platform. By using the Salesforce platform, you can create customized apps and solutions from any location in the cloud, and Field Service Lightning helps to make getting work orders in the field complete and fast. Our Field Service Lightning consultants are leading the pack by creating solutions that you can confidently rely on.  Companies are turning to Galvin to consult with them on:
  • Strategizing how to create work order processes, templates and measures
  • Case troubleshooting and resolution founded on field service principles
  • Asset movement, installation and decommission tracking
  • Field service app configuration
  • Entitlement process setup
  • and more

Understanding all of the features Field Service Lightning offers can be overwhelming. It can be challenging to determine which feature can best suit your needs. Whether you’re considering using Field Service Lightning or just getting started with the product, you don’t have to figure out which services you need on your own. Our certified consultants work with you to discover what you need and provide you with optimal solutions for an effective, successful Salesforce implementation. We pair you with an expert Salesforce consultant to achieve your business goals and steer you in the right direction for success.

Drive Your Salesforce Field Service Implementations Forward

As a Salesforce Consulting Partner, our expert team helps you drive your Salesforce implementation forward. After receiving our consultative services from our Field Service Lightning Certified experts, we put your plan into action and utilize our team of Field Service Certified developers and consultants to implement, train and deploy successful Salesforce Field Service Lightning Projects for optimal performance.


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