11 Ideas Web Companies Should do to Help Client Relationships

11 Ideas Web Companies Should do to Help Nurture Clients

About the Author: Gary Galvin

March 27, 2009

I had the opportunity today to listen to a podcast on www.raintoday.com about how important it is to make every deliverable of a professional services company exceptional.  As a web design and software development company means that we are a professional services company – we are in the people business.  Although it is important that our projects look great and function the right way it is even more important for us to fully understand the business and the goals of the client.  But being in the people business means we need to be conscience of every touch point we have.  This includes everything from the signature line in an email to the final presentation given to a client.

There are 3000 web designers in a square block (an exaggeration to make a point) and each one of them has a design or technical skillset that attracts certain clients.  So as a web design and software application company don’t think that its your designs and technical skillset that sets you apart.  Most likely it is the relationship and experience you give to the client.  Then its up to you to make sure you nurture and treat that relationship well.

Every touch counts and here are 11 ideas to let clients know you care:

  1. Use a CRM (such as SalesForce) and track all your activity with clients and prospects….and I mean ALL activity.
  2. Throughout a project make sure you connect with the client regularly to ensure things are coming along well.
  3. Don’t hide from the issues.
  4. Dress professionally
  5. Don’t send a first draft of a web design via email, hand deliver it and make it a special presentation
  6. After the project meet face-t0-face with the client
  7. Return all phone calls and email
  8. Let the client know you care and connect with them after hours
  9. Write thank you notes to clients
  10. Don’t sound preoccupied and rushed on the phone
  11. Treat your team well so they treat your clients well
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