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You look at Salesforce as a be-all, end-all solution for your sales department. You have visions of everyone meeting sales quotas and enjoying higher productivity and happier employees. The reality is quite different. A Salesforce deployment doesn’t do all that on its own. Overlooking your Salesforce training can be a fatal mistake for your Salesforce implementation.

The sales department wants to focus on winning new accounts, not taking time away from its daily business activities to learn new software. Our goal is to change the culture and mindset of your company so that Salesforce is a critical component to your success.  An effective training program is critical to a successful deployment and usage of Salesforce.

We offer a range of training packages that consists of either classroom-style or onsite at your location.  Each session is kept small with a maximum ratio of 1:10 trainer to employee.  These include hands-on exercises but more importantly a firm understanding as to why and how Salesforce is being used to exceed your sales metrics.


  • Communicate the “Why” – provide a clean understanding as to why Salesforce is being used.

  • Hands-On Exercises – just like math class – you can’t learn Salesforce unless you use it

  • Metrics and Accountability – a clear path to defining metrics and placing people accountable

  • Small Classes – keeping each class small allows for participation and individual attention

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