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What Sales Champions Do In Salesforce

What Sales Champions Do In Salesforce

Sales & business leaders learned how sales champions use Salesforce to manage their sales process and drive more sales. We reviewed how other companies use Salesforce to drive the metrics and activities necessary to their business.  The event also focused on sales managers and how they need to improve their processes and accountability to lead a championship sales team.  Read the recap of the event

Building Your Personal Brand: Using Social Media & Digital Content with Pete the Planner

In this webinar we interview Peter Dunn, a.ka. Pete the Planner, to gain insights on his social media, writing and blogging strategies. Pete is an award-winning comedian and an award-winning financial mind. He currently writes for his own blog, syndicates his own radio show and also appears regularly on a variety of news television stations.

How to Propel Your Website Past Your Competition

If you’re planning out your digital strategy you need to think beyond your website and embrace the whole customer experience. Today, marketers are trying to figure out how to attract the right people into their website with targeted and consistent content while converting them into the sales and marketing processes.

This webinar covers:
• How to increase conversion rates with targeted content
• Strategies you can implement now to beat your competition
• Stop ignoring “Big Data” and use it
• Why your website is critical to your sales processes

Gamification In the Workplace: Engage Your Sales Team & Promote Productivity

Galvin Technologies and LevelEleven discuss gamification in the workplace. How can you use and LevelEleven’s “Compete” to create an engaging sales team that produces.

A Morning In the Clouds

Interactive presentations and an expert panel, featuring some of Indiana’s most successful companies, as they share technology and business best practices for leveraging cloud solutions.

Speakers include:
Gary Galvin, Galvin Technologies
Don Lamping, Zimmer
Bob Koviak,
Rusty Bishop, FatStaxses

Using Data and Content to find the Ideal Customer

View the slide deck from our discussion with Andy Clark, from Right On Interactive, on how data can be captured and utilized to create highly personalized and targeted content – ultimately building the path to customer lifecycle marketing.