Salesforce® Consulting’s CRM system is a very feature-rich and flexible application that helps businesses streamline and automate processes to effectively and efficiently succeed in a competitive sales market. Whether your company has been using Salesforce® for years or are starting a new implementation, your company could benefit from Salesforce® consulting.

  • Certified Salesforce Consultants
  • Certified professional project managers
  • Salesforce architects and developers
  • Best practices utilizing the full capabilities of Salesforce.
Salesforce Implementation consulting

Salesforce® Implementation Consulting

Galvin can work with your company through a discovery process to identify and document your core business requirements and processes.  This method ensures the Salesforce® implementation is optimized to meet your business needs and completed in an efficient manner. Investing time into the discovery process aids in mitigating implementation risks, reduces project costs, and reduces the time taken to implement the Salesforce® solution.

Salesforce Review Consulting

Is your company already using Salesforce®? Is your company able to leverage all the appropriate features to increase efficiency and maximize productivity? Odds are there is still more that can be completed in increase your optimization to aide your business in attaining its goals. Galvin can show you what can be done to bring Salesforce® even more in line with your business processes.
Galvin is ready to help provide expert consulting services to ensure your company is getting the most from Contact us online and we can show you how.

Salesforce Review Consulting