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Ready to embark on a creative Salesforce Community Cloud project?   Galvin Technologies is a Salesforce Consulting partner that focuses on building out Community Cloud solutions.  Our team of certified Salesforce Community Cloud Admins and Developers leverage their creative and technical background and business acumen to enhance the user experience through automating complex business processes, building engaging user interfaces, creating meaningful user experiences and more.

It Starts With People

When it comes to hiring a consulting company to assist with your Salesforce Community Cloud needs, developing a true partnership is paramount to success. We start with the relationship first at Galvin Technologies.

We Build on Your Brand

Salesforce Community Cloud users generate nearly $1 million in additional value, increase partner sales by 25%, and improve their Net Promoter Score by nearly 40 points. Communities are great for business. With our Community Cloud development and implementation know-how, so are we. Our team transforms concepts into communities by:

  • Leveraging our Salesforce® Consulting  skills to identify unique business needs
  • Integrating data from Salesforce® third parties, and legacy systems
  • Designing on-brand digital experiences with our certified developers
  • Creating system architecture for organized, accessible content
  • Maximizing system-enabled artificial intelligence for dynamic interactions
  • Providing Managed Services for continuous improvement and growth

Types of Salesforce Community Cloud Projects We Have Created

Membership Portal

Distributor Management


Employee Intranet Community

Partner Community

ERP Integration

Reports & Dashboards

UI Design

Complex Access Permissions

Event Community

…and so much more

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