AS/400 & Salesforce Integration Services

Companies that use AS/400 and Salesforce are oftentimes limited in serving their client because the two applications are in silos.  This results in having to switch between AS/400 and Salesforce to view important client information.   But when using Salesforce to manage the customer relationship executives would like to bring AS/400 information into Salesforce to provide a holistic view of the customer.


The Benefits of Integrating AS/400 and Salesforce:


  • Elimination of unnecessary manual hours pulling and sorting reports.
  • Elimination of inaccurate data and reports.
  • Easy report creating utilizing Salesforce report builder.
  • Account executives can view important client financial data within Salesforce.
  • Effectively grow and expand client relationships.
  • Increased productivity.


How To Integrate AS/400 and Salesforce Together

Integrating AS/400 and Salesforce together can be done. The people you need involved are the following:

  • Internal AS/400 resources (usually from the Information Technology department)
  • An experienced Salesforce Consulting partner, like Galvin Technologies

Navigating the AS/400 and Salesforce integration involves detailed requirements gathering and oftentimes custom and unique solutions within Salesforce.  Once you are able to integrate AS/400 and Salesforce together the benefits are phenominal as your client facing team will have access to data they never had before.  This will result in customer experience your competitors can’t meet.

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