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How a Call Center Moved from Oracle to Salesforce in Less Than 10 Weeks

Galvin Technologies is a Salesforce consulting partner that worked with LeanLogistics to customize and integrate their customer service platform.

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The Challenge

Before LeanLogistics partnered with Galvin Technologies, they were using a legacy support system to manage their customer services. LeanLogistics, however, wanted to migrate to Salesforce.

Normally, this process would have been simple enough. However, when the company committed to working with Salesforce, they had 60 days remaining on their legacy contract and needed to complete the transition as quickly as possible.  What’s more, the existing platform was a thin client, so everything within their customer service system was installed individually on all of LeanLogistics’ computers, and it had to be managed as such. Because of this, accessing and customizing the LeanLogistics data system was a challenge, and migrating to the cloud was necessary.

The Solution

When LeanLogistics hired Galvin, they wanted to migrate quickly.  At the start of the job, we had an imperative 10 week time frame to facilitate a successful migration of several years’ worth of legacy data onto a new Service Cloud deployment. This included a customer community, knowledge base and integration with three separate proprietary data environments.

Throughout the duration of the project, we extended LeanLogistics’ existing Sales Cloud into Service Cloud. We also built in features like support and ticket tracking, a customer-facing knowledge base, and internal access to the tickets and solutions. These things allowed customers to access a convenient dashboard where they could log in, track and manage their cases from a single centralized location.

Additionally, Galvin Technologies built in an escalation process for tickets. By using an Single Sign On (SSO), we managed to join all of their various databases together so that all of the data coming from multiple sources flows together into Salesforce. We also worked jointly with the LeanLogistics’ internal IT team to build an integration with the Salesforce SOAP API to bridge integration.

After working with us, LeanLogistics was able to enjoy access to the Salesforce Solutions tool, which allows the company to store answers and solutions to common problems. They also had new access to Salesforce Communities, which enables customers to access and track their cases.

The Results

Under normal circumstances, a project of this scope would take four months.  But we had no choice but to deliver in less than 10 weeks – and we did!  Galvin Technologies completed the project in just ten weeks concluding with a roll out that didn’t have a single interruption to the flow of business.

The greatest victory in this project is that there was no impact on the customer, despite the amount of technology involved. When LeanLogistics flipped the switch and starting working out of Salesforce, there was no gap in the flow of business.  Despite the fact that process-flow interruptions were a very real threat, considering the scope of this major technological overhaul, the Galvin Technologies team managed to complete the goals of the project.

As the project drew to a close, Galvin Technologies helped LeanLogistics customize their Service Cloud according to their needs. Galvin Technologies also contributed to the development of customizations to the Service console and configured escalation assistance directly into the process flows.

These changes allowed LeanLogistics to develop a more functional and integrated customer service platform, without upsetting the functionality of their customer service approaches in the process. At Galvin Technologies, we chalk this up to speed, working together, and focusing hard on pushing toward a common goal on the Salesforce platform.

While it required many late and sleepless nights, we got the job done, and LeanLogistics stands out as a leader because of it. Today, LeanLogistics offers superior service, quick responses and an ongoing dedication to handling their customer support in a new and improved fashion.

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