Project Description

Large Real Estate Company Manages Tenants with Salesforce

With Galvin and Salesforce tenants have a better customer experience with an easy-to-use Salesforce Customer Community, that offers easy access to the data that matters most to them.

Salesforce Products Used

A B2B customer involved in real estate development needed data from MRI, a real estate investment accounting solution, integrated with Salesforce Sales Cloud. Galvin worked with complex data structures to provide property managers and tenants access to key data, directly in Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Customer Community. This resulted in improved property revenue, tenant satisfaction and productivity after implementation.

The Challenge

In the sector that our client operates in, it is standard for companies to use a real estate investment accounting solution such as MRI to power their operations. This system tracks rent and other related tenant data, as well as automating key processes. Our client needed help integrating MRI with Salesforce Sales Cloud so they could streamline tenant management and accounting processes. They also faced difficulties in effectively managing relationships with tenants with their current infrastructure.

MRI uses complex data structures that need special handling to move into Salesforce. The system has many different data tables that contain the information necessary to be integrated. In contrast, Salesforce uses objects that are connected to one another, so working with the MRI database posed a significant challenge for integration. Since this is a critical system for our client, we also needed to meet an aggressive timeline.

The Solution

Galvin created the integration solution, structure and process to pull MRI data into Sales Cloud. We used Jitterbit to provide an internal database administration solution for building and managing internal database queries. The decision was based on Jitterbit’s beautiful interface for handling MRI to Salesforce queries, as well as the fact that this is free software. As such, it was not necessary to make a costly investment into this system, which helped us stay within budget.

Property managers gained access to key property metrics and financials. They could increase their efficiency in tenant management and improve organizational processes in working with ongoing maintenance and financial information.

We also focused heavily on integrating MRI with Salesforce Customer Communities. Tenants are able to get direct access to their own data stored in the MRI databases, such as their rental payments. They can also send maintenance requests to the property manager through this community, which improves the time to resolve any issues.

The Results

Several significant benefits were gained from this MRI and Salesforce integration project. Tenants have a better customer experience with an easy-to-use Salesforce Customer Community, that offers easy access to the data that matters most to them. They no longer need to contact the company to get answers, which naturally improves speed and processes when it comes to common requests.

Property managers can improve tenant relationships and property performance due to real-time data and greater insights into operations. Data-driven decision making drives higher revenue and better tenant satisfaction.

Now that Salesforce is integrated with MRI, the data passes between the two systems and it is no longer necessary to spend time switching between Sales Cloud and MRI to access key metrics. Data integration also reduced the chance of potential human error, as the information no longer needed to be transferred manually.

Galvin delivered this project on time and on budget, avoiding disruption of daily activities.

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