Project Description

Crypton Weaves Salesforce and Conga Together for Customer Reporting Efficiency

Textile company improves client site visit reports with a custom cloud-based form and one-click document generator

Salesforce Products Used by Crypton


Crypton manufacturers smart, eco-friendly fabrics and cleaning products for residential and contract spaces worldwide. The Detroit, Michigan, company started 25 years ago with the mission of creating a fabric capable of standing up to life’s messes. Crypton now invents, patents and brands some of the world’s most high-performance textiles. The company reaches its global customers through retailers, distributors, and direct-to-consumer ecommerce. 

Supporting an omni-channel network required an efficient sales and marketing strategy, but dated technology and manual work made for a messy process – contrary to Crypton’s purpose of helping customers “live clean.” The team needed a solution as friendly, advanced, and reliable as its products. Galvin Technologies delivered the perfect brand-worthy solution.

The Challenge

All Crypton marketing representatives completed a form following onsite customer visits. The information was submitted through Excel, converted into a PDF, and emailed back to the client. The form lived on each rep’s hard drive, so they had to fire up their laptop following a meeting while the conversation was fresh or take handwritten notes and key them in when back at the office. The submissions also lacked standardization making no two reports alike. Without a central repository for customer reports, other staff lacked visibility to take action based on the customer discussions. The overall process proved clumsy and ineffective.

The Solution

Galvin Technologies took the process off hard drives and brought it into the cloud. A new custom-created Salesforce object enabled marketing reps to enter data immediately online or through their mobile device following a client meeting. The Galvin team then integrated Conga Composer which automates document generation. Rather than manually creating a customer report following each visit, or using a clunky spreadsheet data link to transfer information, Conga Composer takes data from the custom object in Salesforce and populates it to a branded report template with a simple click. Reps then could email the professional, standardized document quickly and efficiently directly from the system without any extra work. The marketing team as a whole gained access to online reporting generated from the submitted forms prompting follow-up action items based on client visits. 

The Results

Galvin’s Salesforce solution embodied the phrase “a stitch in time saves nine.” Crypton quickly benefited from an efficient process helping its marketing team perform as well as its fabrics.

Time Savings – before the custom object and document generator, reps used a multi-step manual process for returning notes to clients. Submissions were delayed and reps often put in after-hours work to keep up with site visit reports. Our fix created two easy steps: type and send. 

Consistency – simple Salesforce enhancements significantly improved consistency. Marketing managers could set new expectations for the timeliness of site visit submissions. The standardized form and required fields created uniformity across all reps. Through Conga Composer, the team had a new branded document meeting professional standards for clients. Essentially, we eliminated the guessing game of when submissions arrived, what they included, and how they looked for the customer.   

Transparency – a report saved on a hard drive helps only one person. By fully integrating Crypton’s process into Salesforce, multiple teams benefitted. Leadership gained better visibility into team performance. The marketing and customer service teams could see site visit information allowing them to support each other in upselling, cross-selling, and revenue retention. Also, the enriched data fed new Salesforce reports for real-time visibility across all customer-facing staff.

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It is never too late to clean up a messy sales process. Galvin Technologies designs solutions for even the most creative challenges. Crypton’s fabrics are ready for anything and so are we.

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