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Art Gallery Drives Reservations for
World-Renowned Exhibit

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Akiane Kramarik created Prince of Peace at just eight years old. The painting immediately gained worldwide notoriety and then disappeared just as quickly. The mistakenly sold painting stayed hidden for nearly two decades until acquired by Lewis and Kirsten Cirne. Wanting to give the painting back to the world, the Cirne’s established Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas. The gallery opened featuring a Kramarik exhibit and her most-famous painting.

The brand-new gallery in a tiny Texas town needed help attracting visitors for its April 2023 launch. To achieve its mission of inspiring hope and a sense of belovedness among visitors from across the world, the six-person gallery team needed help. Big aspirations require big ideas, which is why they turned to Galvin Technologies.

The Challenge

Belóved Gallery set an ambitious goal at its conception: one million in-person visitors for the Prince of Peace. The gallery needed a way to market the exhibit to domestic and international art enthusiasts. Visiting included a guided tour which required implementing a reservation system. The team wanted to track every ticket reserved and then create a separate email campaign collecting additional information and preparing people for the experience. As a post-visit follow-up, gallery staff wanted a simple way to ask for patron feedback and donations. 

What Belóved Gallery truly needed was marketing automation technology as artful and creative as the works inside its walls.

The Solution

Galvin Technologies implemented Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot). The marketing automation platform enabled the gallery to send targeted emails, design landing pages, and develop forms to engage prospective attendees. Next, Galvin integrated Account Engagement with the newly implemented Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to support Belóved’s fundraising efforts and constituent data management. Galvin then added Blackthorn Events to handle online reservations and track tickets. The three-part implementation helped Belóved Gallery market the exhibit, manage patrons, and make the most of their visitor’s experiences to guide future work.  

The Results

Achieving one million visitors takes time. Thanks to Salesforce, Belóved Gallery is well on its way.

Measuring Campaign Effectiveness: Using Account Engagement’s tracking functionalities, the Belóved team gained comprehensive visibility into attendee behavior. Embedded tracking codes on the website and promotional materials identify the source of each visitor. The data helps staff optimize marketing efforts based on the most successful channels. The information also informs audience segmentation allowing the team to develop more targeted promotional activities. 

Data and Donor Management:  Galvin worked with gallery staff to automate emails sent after the reservation through Blackthorn and before the person’s visit to collect more contact information. Responses feed the database for future marketing and fundraising. To enhance visitor engagement, Galvin worked with gallery staff to create personalized questionnaires using Account Engagement’s forms and landing pages. Following their visit, patrons receive a survey designed to gauge their impressions of the artwork and overall experience at the gallery. This feedback helps Belóved’s team understand visitor preferences, define additional marketing needs, and plan for future exhibits. 

Art Beyond the Canvas

Belóved Gallery displays colorful masterpieces. Our artistry comes through technology. Don’t keep your best work hidden behind manual processes and outdated technology. Let the Galvin Technologies team enable Salesforce to make your vision a reality. We offer Salesforce consulting, development, and administration to transform the platform’s capabilities into works of art for organizations of every size.

Eliminate inefficiencies. Create opportunities. We can help you do both.

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