Project Description

Streamlining paperwork and document generation with Drawloop.

From hiring to onboarding to payroll, HR handles more paperwork than any other area of business.

For WorkSmart Systems — a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides an integrated, total HR solution for the small to medium-sized businesses — creating and completing paperwork in an accurate and timely fashion is central to their success. However, the process of generating these documents was too slow due to existing manual processes. Likewise, having to manage government tax and workers compensation rates across 37 states made it even slower.

There needed to be a more efficient way to generate HR documents so WorkSmart could spend less time in paperwork and more time serving their clients and growing their business. With a recent implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud, Worksmart called on Galvin to help them find a solution.

Galvin’s team of certified Salesforce consultants worked with the WorkSmart team to thoroughly evaluate their current business processes to understand how and where document generation could fit within the larger system. With a clear understanding of process pain points, Galvin was able to identify the desired state and propose a solution that could streamline the creating, editing, and sharing of documents.

Drawloop, a Salesforce app that automates the document generation process, was implemented alongside DocuSign to make it easier for WorkSmart to manage all their paperwork. With Drawloop, WorkSmart can generate accurate and up-to-date Word, Excel, and PDF documents in a just few clicks — all without having to leave the Salesforce platform. Galvin provided training and support to WorkSmart teams to ensure they could create any document, no matter how complex the data, with greater ease and speed.

By streamlining document generation with Drawloop in Salesforce, WorkSmart saves 30 minutes for every opportunity they close. When paperwork drives the majority of your processes, those minutes add up quickly. With Galvin’s help, WorkSmart was able to modernize a core business process to improve the overall efficiency of their organization.

Eliminate inefficiencies. Create opportunities. We can help you do both.

Is your business not working as efficiently as you know it can? Learn more about how we can help automate and streamline key processes so you can focus on what’s really important. Our team of certified Salesforce consultants are ready to help you take your business to the next level. Give us a call at 317-297-2910.

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