Stanley, The Galvin Dog

We are often asked this question about our logo, “Why a dog?” Our response is simple.

Dogs have a deep sense of loyalty and are honest, playful, and strong.  When faced with danger or a difficult situation, a dog will step up to protect those around him and ensure good deeds are always done. Dogs are tenacious, innovative, and take more pride in the prosperity of their pack than they do in personal gain. They are perceptive and can easily pinpoint problems.

Galvin Technologies presents these qualities on behalf of our clients and more.

  • Personality – We become our clients’ steadfast companion in achieving their goals.
  • Persistence – We have the determination to get the job done the right way.
  • Stamina – We always follow through.
  • Strength – We are strong in knowledge, talent, technique, and ethics.
  • Fierce Loyalty – We aren’t just working for a paycheck. We are committed to our clients.
  • A “Leader of the Pack” Attitude – We do what it takes to put our customers ahead and set a standard in our industry.
  • Learning the Industry’s New Tricks – We discover and use the best processes and practices of an ever-changing industry.

Our logo isn’t just any dog. It is Stanley, the family dog of Gary Galvin.  Stanley used to visit the office often, but the growth in staff and his old age now keeps him home next to those he loves: his family.