Who We Are

Based out of Indianapolis, IN, Galvin provides professional Salesforce Consulting services to companies across the Midwest. We specialize in Salesforce consulting and administration services, as well as Pardot lead cultivation and marketing. By communicating closely with our clients and genuinely investing ourselves in their success, we strive to bring our top-notch consulting experience to every firm we work with. With an emphasis on careful and knowledgeable examination of analytics and marketing tools, we work to build a unique consulting relationship that will help you meet your firm’s goals.

How We Operate

What separates us from the competition is our skilled project management, Salesforce and marketing services. Every step we take when working with a firm is informed by the project’s financial position, risk management and our frequent communication with clients. By cultivating this unique relationship and keeping the bottom line in mind, we deliver successful projects to our clients, which are both on time and within budget. And by dedicating full-time employees to your firm, we cultivate knowledge of your firm’s unique needs that helps us serve you throughout our relationship.

Our Company Culture

Galvin emphasizes communication and customer service as part of our relationship with your firm. As part of that relationship, we take a “seat at the table” and work to educate ourselves about what your company needs, how to best meet these needs and how the plan’s implementation is proceeding.

This creates a culture of proper management and accountability. Throughout our Pardot and Salesforce implementations, we bring you a strategic vision that transforms how you do business and builds a loyal customer base for you. We combine our expertise with hard analytics and the most cutting-edge technology in order to meet your business’ demands while remaining within the constraints of the timeline and budget you set.


Galvin Technologies’ executives bring an extensive background in business development and management, as well as information technology and finance. Every individual brings unique skills, expertise and knowledge gained from years working in the technical and consulting industries, and all of our resources have been specifically honed to help companies meet their goals. The end result is a powerful, efficient team of consultants and professionals, who bring insightful analysis, sophisticated technology and proven processes to help your business grow and develop to its fullest.