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When it comes to content management system (CMS) solutions for your website, the choices and the requirements are endless.  But one thing is for sure, you want a CMS that gives you control of your website so you can manage the web strategy you have established.  When selecting a CMS, it is important to note that you need to understand your business requirements.  Your website is a business application that will improve business processes and generate revenue.  Not all CMS packages are able to meet specific requirements.  Galvin helps clients understand their requirements compared to the functionality with various CMS packages and is able to provide a GAP analysis that helps select the right solution for your website.

We Are a Kentico Partner

Kentico Consulting & Implementation

Galvin offers fully certified Kentico content management (CMS) consulting and implementation services. Galvin has extensive experience with integrating Content Management Systems that are easy to use and has great flexibility. The Kentico CMS was built on the .NET platform which allows our experienced team to efficiently design and develop this solution for you. The suite of features, provided by Kentico, makes this CMS solution one-of-a-kind. We offer a consulting, implementation and support for the entire Kentico Content  Management System solution.

Kentico .NET CMS Platform

Kentico CMS : Easy to Use For Marketers & Flexible for Developers

  • Built-in visual designer
  • Enhanced mobile support
  • Chat module and banner management
  • Third party app integration, like or
  • E-commerce functionality

With the Kentico CMS you can easily maintain your website in the cloud. This full solution offers flexibility for all aspects of your digital marketing strategy, from a mobile-ready site to an online store. No need to know code, the in-line editor makes it easy to create pages of content that look good and function well.

Kentico CMS Helps Drive Leads

With the Kentico Enterprise Marketing Solution you can get instant marketing results. This integrated Customer Management System empowers marketers to deliver an optimized user experience as well as run and evaluate campaigns. It gives you a tool to reach existing as well as new clients with:

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